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Pennsylvania Survival Products Country Store

We are the "Country Store in the City !

During the past 26 years, we at the Pennsylvania Survival Products store have served many people with an assortment of different products.

Our biggest business peaks were the Energy Crisis and Y2K. (We were the store seen on most Television channels.) The important thing was, we were there to share our knowledge and talents with concerned people.

During those times, we conducted Survival Courses. Those who are now ready in some degree, are safer than those who have done nothing. We think the two most important books ever printed are the Holy Bible and the U. S. Constitution.

We have a store front and showroom with wood, and coal stoves, unvented gas and propane heaters, tankless hot water heaters, all sorts of kerosene lamps and lanterns, storage foods and natural health products.

We know about the science of healing and have products to assist in that area.

Our motto is - "We keep you warm and feeling well !"