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Pennsylvania Survival Products Country Store



Our flagship-the ultimate freestanding stove

The Tile Fire has won more awards and recognition both nationally and Internationally,from trade groups,consumer groups and government regulators than any other wood heater in the world.

The Tile Fire offers you a wide range of benefits and technical features, including: Choice of three models: Standard, Outside Air and LEM. LEM model is certified to EPA, Oregon DEQ and Colorado DOH emission standards.

Up to 50,000 BTU@ of heat per hour. Convective heat exchange system which provides more even heat distribution throughout the house. Self-cleaning ceramic glass door Immediate response fingertip controls. Large top cooking surface. Easy to clean,high gloss vitreous enamel finish. Choice of black,gray or nordic bronze colors. Five year limited warranty

Tile sides give you design flexibility. Whatever your decorating style,adapting the Tile Fire to your decor is easy. Simply change the tiles on the sides of the stove. Each accommodates six standard 8-inch square tiles per side. And there's no gluing or grouting -the tiles slip right into place. You can choose from one of our designs or select your own tile patterns-then change them as often as you like.

Tough and durable, the Kent firebox is constructed of high quality,1/4" thick,cold rolled plate steel. The uniweld body is completely air tight, heat and shock resistant.

In Standard models, combustion air enters here. An Air Slide gives you finger tip control of air intake and combustion intensity.

Air reaches high temperatures immediately and is forced down over the glass. This action washes away any smoke or soot on the glass. So unlike other stoves,the glass door in a Kent really does stay clean.

As combustion occurs, gases are released. The battle sys - tem redirects these gases back through the firebed and into a secondary burn chamber where almost complete combustion occurs.
The Bypass Damper, when open, gives you a quick and rapid bum when starting the fire. Once the fire is established, closing the damper will result in optimum heat transfer (NOTE: LEM model requires no Bypass Damper).

The double walled back and base allow close clearances to combustible walls.

The Kent Out side Air model is designed specifically for homes required to have an outside air source like mobile homes and air tight, super-insulated homes. This model allows combustion air to enter the base, travel up chan- nels and into the firebox. It is con trolled by an Air Slide located just below the ash lip.
DIMENSIONS: Height:27-1/4" (all) Width: 21" (all) Depth: Standard 27-1/2" Outside Air Model and LEM Model 28-1/4" Weight: Standard 231 lbs. Outside Air Model 246 lbs. LEM Model 319 lbs. Flue opening diameter: 6" (a//) Log length capacity: 19" (all) Options: Flue screen
Basic clearance information is shown above. For more information on reduced clearances, ask your dealer for the Kent Clearance and Specifications brochure.