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Pennsylvania Survival Products Country Store



This hand mill was designed for individuals, and young families who can not afford an electric, but recognize the value of using whole grains for nutrition and economics. Tens of thousands have been sold, and we continue to build them at a steady pace, to fill this very real need.

The Little Ark's modern design also lends itself to motorization, quite possibly making it the most economical power mill you can obtain. Instruction are included with each mill.

#16 Little Ark Grain and Seed Mill. The Little Ark Grain and Seed Mill is a simple, easy to operate, diecast, lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy mill. It can be quickly adjusted to  produce fine flour, to coarse cereal. The two wide-stance bolt down legs provide a solid base. The shaft and auger ride on durable oilite bronze bushings. A motorizing kit is available. Please specify stone,or steel grinding wheels. Shipping weight, 8 pounds. 1 quart seed hopper. Dimensions: 14" high, 7.5" wide, 12.5" deep. 

What's the Difference Between a Burr and a Stone?
Burrs are preferred for grinding many things with your Mil-Rite, Grister or Little Ark mills, that can not be milled satisfactory with stones due to the moisture or oil content of the material being ground. The burrs don't rust and are made from a very hard metal, so they can give many years of dependable service. The burrs will grind flour, but usually not as finely as stones. The burrs work exceptionally well for grinding soybeans, corn, rice, field beans, coffee beans, sesame seeds, millet, damp grains ... the list goes on and on.

Stones are preferred for grist milling the finest flours from wheat, rye, barley, oats, and other dry grains. The milling stones for the Mil-Rite, Grister, and Little Ark are manufactured from superior quality material and a unique formulation that produces an almost indestructible media, resulting in
stone you should never have to replace due to wear.

Production Specifications

Stone: Fine flour: 1/2 cup per minute. Coarse flour: 3/4 cup per minute.
Burr: Fine Flour: 1 cup per minute Coarse Flour: 2 cups per minute