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What Makes OLBAS Special?

The Swiss, learning from the wisdom of the ancient Chinese and Egyptian herbalists, have formulated a unique blend of essential oils called OLBAS. The oils found in OLBAS are extracted from medicinal herbs and plants that have been the basis of healing in cultures around the world for centuries. Over the years, these essential oils have been well known to soothe, heal and rejuvenate the body in a natural way. Below are some of these historical uses:

Peppermint, the source of Menthol, is the world's most consumed single herb. It has been valued for centuries as a carminative (expels gas, relieves griping) and aromatic stimulant. Menthol is used extensively as an ingredient in preparations for the nose and throat, relief of aches and pains, and in ointments to relieve local irritations, bums, itching, scrapes and cuts. Historically, it is also used for the relief of nasal congestion, headache and neuralgia. Eucalyptus, once viewed as an antiseptic in the volatile oil group, is valued internationally as an inhalant to ease respiratory problems and cold symptoms. It is widely used today in many popular cough remedies. Cajaput, (pronounced ka-iu- put), was considered useful for various minor skin conditions. Derived from the southern yellow pine, Oil of Turpentine has been used as a diuretic, expectorant and antiseptic. Today it is an approved counterirritant applied to relieve pain in muscles and joints. Clove, a strong stimulating aromatic, has a sweet, spicy scent familiar to many and is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant and local anesthetic. Juniper Bean, traditionally renowned for its ability to penetrate the skin rapidly, has been used to soothe bone and joint discomforts while easing inflammation and muscle spasms. Wintergreen, containing methyl salicylate, is often recommended as an aid in relieving aches and Pains of arthritis and rheumatism.

World famous for their skill in using plants and essences to promote healing, the herbalists and botanists of Switzerland have carefully blended these pure essential oils into the following OLBAS PRODUCT'S: