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Pennsylvania Survival Products Country Store

By Sunline Solar

12 Volt Rechargeable / Solor Lantern

Brilliant white light with two brightness levels. At the high setting (18 watts) the unit produces an equivalent of 100 watt incandescent output in 360 degrees for around 8 hours.

Charging sources:
Internal electronics controls change current and battery voltage from DC charge input. The battery is protected against deep discharge and over charge. Full recharge in 8-10 hours at full charge current shown by the bi-color charge indicator (Red-charging, Green charged). The Lantern can also be recharged directly from a solar Panel (Optional), or and 12 Volt charging source. Comes standard with AC plug-in charging cord and protective metal guard. 1 year limited manufacturers warranty.

Bulb power 18 watts.
Light equivalent 1070 lumen @ 18 watts
Bulb lifetime 5000 hours (nominal)
Voltage 12 volts DC
Light duration up to 8 hours
Battery Sealed lead-acid
Battery regulators overcharge protection and deep discharge protection
Lantern dimensions: Height 17.25 inches
Depth: 7.0 inches
Weight 8.0 pounds

Optional Charger $35.00