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George Washington's Vision

The only officer left on his horse was a twenty-three year old, Who the next day,wrote to his mother and brother describing The event. Part of what he wrote follows:

"By the all powerful dispensations of Providence (God), I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation for I had four bullet holes passed through my coat and two horses shot out under me, yet I escaped unhurt, although death was leveling my companions on every side of me . . .

In 1770, fifteen years later, the officer returned to those Woods with a doctor friend. An old Indian chief heard that this officer was returning to the woods, and he traveled a long distance to see him. They sat face to face over a council fire and the Indian said, "You don't know me. Fifteen years ago you and I were one of the leaders and if we could kill you we could scatter your men. So I told my braves to single you out and fire at you. I personally shot at you seventeen different times. When we saw that the bullets were having no effect on you, I told my braves to stop shooting at you. I came all this way to meet the man God would not let die in battle."

Indeed, the hand of God was on this young officer, and he believed deeply in God and His providence. He was George Washington, the would-be-father-of our country. While many historians and professors are doing their best to rewrite history, it is plain to see by Washington, through his letters and records, how deeply he believed the Almighty led and built this nation. He believed its purpose was to be a Christian nation and all the laws were to be based upon biblical foundations; to do otherwise would lead to ruin. Washington represented unity. Uniting the colonies through Washington's authority, gave birth to the "union." Henry Knox said that it was Washington's character, and not the recently signed Constitution, that held the infant Union ,together.

Washington was not a Catholic and because of this, one might think, "So He was there at the beginning of our country. What did Our Lady have to do with that.?" It is by a thin thread that the following information was passed on to us here and also a wonder, as it could so easily have been lost forever. The following is most remarkable, especially when you take into account Washington's dignity the awe and respect which surrounded him, and his impeccable honesty which show that he would not be inclined to divulge such a thing unless it were real. It was told by Anthony Sherman in 1859 to Wesley Bradshaw and originally published in the National Tribune, Volume 4, #12, December 1880. Perhaps its been preserved all this time so that it may become known during the time of Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje.

Was Washington's life preserved by God for special plans of Our Lady?

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