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Pennsylvania Survival Products Country Store

The Water Gopher

The new Emergency deep well water pump that is a non-electric hand pump that will insure you a water supply from your well under any emergency.

Storable * Portable * Affordable 

Can be installed in one hour / one man. Will not contaminate your well.  Operates manually with little effort. Can be left in your well while not in use.

The unique qualities of the Water Gopher Deep Well Pump:

Mounts directly to 6" well casings without alterations and does not interfere with existing pump systems. Can be used to transform an existing hand dug well into a usable asset inexpensively. Will
deliver ten gallons of drinking water a minute with very little effort.

The newly designed pump reduces the cost of installation by eliminating the need of rigging - a necessity in the existing conventional type standards now available and used for deep wells. All parts are non - corrosive and will not rust. Made of high quality materials for life lasting use. Also ask about the Water Gopher non - electric - high volume Sump Pump.

Installation Video available $5.00 (credited toward sale).