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PowerPulse 12, 24, 36 & 48-Volt
A Pulse Technology  Product

PowerPulse selected as a
Top 50 Products by Automotive Engineering magazine!

PowerPulse is the first and only one of its kind in the world. Like Solargizer, the PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System also uses pulse technology to eliminate sulfation buildup on battery plates. The difference is this patented electronic device is powered by the battery's own energy rather than solar power. It collects a small amount of the battery's energy, reconditions it, then pulses it back into the battery to remove sulfate deposits from the plates.

The PowerPulse system can also be used together with an existing charging system. In fact, it will work even faster and stronger. This means batteries can be both charged and desulfated at the same time.

There are four PowerPulse models available ranging from 12 volts all the way to 48 volts. The higher voltage models are ideal for virtually all electric vehicles. In fact, it has been documented to increase vehicle range by enabling the battery to accept, store and release more available energy.

Ensures peak battery performance by eliminating the main cause of lead-acid battery problems and failure -- sulfation buildup on the battery plates.

Works with all types of lead-acid batteries including gel cell, antimony, hybrid, calcium plate designs and absorbed glass mat.

Extends battery life dramatically.

Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster and with better quality.

Helps protect the environment

Applications: Virtually all vehicles and equipment used frequently or in situations where sunlight and an electrical outlet is not available. They are also ideal for vehicles and equipment that are charged regularly, such as golf carts, lift trucks, electric cars and other electric vehicles.

Ten-year limited warranty.

PowerPulse 12 with 3/8" Lugs
Part Number: 735X012
Model Number: PP-12-L
NSN 6130-01-446-7166
PowerPulse 24 with 3/8" Lugs
Part Number: 735X024
Model Number: PP-24-L
NSN 6130-01-417-7509

PowerPulse 36 with 3/8" Lugs
Part Number: 735X036
Model Number: PP-36-L
NSN 6130-01-417-7507
PowerPulse 48 with 3/8" Lugs
Part Number: 735X048
Model Number: PP-48-L
NSN 6130-01-417-7506

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