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Power Pulse Manufactures Installation Instructions

Congratulations, you've just purchased the most effective method available for ensuring battery reliability - the PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System.

This automatic battery cleaning system:

1.Keeps batteries in "like-new" condition
2.Provides quicker starts
3.Extends battery life up to five times longer
4.Reduces recharge time
5.Increases battery capacity so batteries last longer between recharges
6.Helps protect the environment by reducing the number of batteries discarded every year.

PowerPulse is a totally automatic battery cleaning system that works 24 hours a day. It's not a battery charger. It's a patented electronic device that will eliminate sulfation, the number one cause of lead-acid battery problems and failure. This revolutionary system saves time, money and effort by reducing battery related downtime, maintenance and replacement.

To install, just follow these simple instructions:

Mount The Circuit Box

NOTE: The PowerPulse unit should be installed permanently for the most effective and continuing results.
The circuit box can be mounted in a variety of ways, including heavy-duty dual-lock, double-sided tape or hot glue or other adhesives. Mount the circuit box near the battery, but DO .NOT attach it to the battery itself. Make sure it's in a location where it's protected and will not accidentally be disturbed by moving engine parts, mechanics, etc.

Connect Wiring To Battery

Once the circuit box is mounted, the wiring can be attached to the battery. IMPORTANT: The positive (+) PowerPulse wire (red) must be connected to the positive (-) battery terminal (red) and the negative (-) PowerPulse wire (black) to the negative (-) battery terminal (black) in order for it to work.

To connect the wires, do the following:
1.Remove the nut securing the battery clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal.
2.Slip the round metal lug at the end of the positive PowerPulse terminal wire onto
  the battery clamp bolt.
3.Screw the clamp nut back onto the bolt and tighten it securely.
4.Now repeat the last three steps with the negative PowerPulse wire.

Testing The Unit (Optional)

To test the unit to determine that it is working, take an amp meter and put it in series by
doing the following:
1.Connect the negative PowerPulse wire to the negative battery terminal
  (let the positive wire hang, loose).
2.Take the amp meter and connect one lead to the positive wire and the other lead to the
  positive battery terminal.
3.Check the:results. If you got an amperage reading, then the unit is working.
  NOTE: The PowerPulse reading is expected to fluctuate.

PowerPulse Precautions

1.Make sure the correct terminal lugs are connected to the correct terminals
(i.e. positive on positive). Reversing connections could drain the battery of power.
2.Any solvents that may be harmful to plastic should not be used on the unit.
3.Be cautious with wires moving around engine parts and accessories.

Please Note

Because PowerPulse uses a minimal amount of the battery's energy in its conditioning process (approximately 2 mA a day), external recharging may be required to replace the drain caused by internal discharge. If used continuously on a stored vehicle, PowerPulse could eventually drain the power within the battery. If this occurs, the battery can still be recharged or jumped easily and quickly. Operating the vehicle or recharging the battery can extend the run-down time.
The pulsating dc current produced by this product may interfere with the correct operation of some electronic devices when the unit is placed near the antenna. In order to insure no interference, the circuit box should be placed away from the antenna.


This unit is guarantied against defective materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years. If, for any reason, this unit should fail to operate because of defective material, or workmanship anytime within five years from the date of purchase, return the defective unit with proof of purchase to your distributor for full refund or new replacement unit at your option.

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